Wolfe Island Kitchen June 19 2012, 0 Comments

I have been working on this little project for sometime and we are almost complete.

The cottage/summer house is located on beautiful  Easy Lane at the other end of Wolfe Island.

We started the project plans and design process about this time last year.  It has been a while, normally it take much less time to install and design a kitchen, but since this is a cottage and it gets closed for the winter and it is on an island and we have to deal with the ferry no heat and water for the season once it is closed , we decided that the install should happen early in the season.

Beautiful spot and all the work done by local contractors , the clients are from Toronto and they visit most weekend from May to Thanksgiving.

Here are few pictures from my part in the project.



There are .uppers we wanted to keep the lines clean and simple to go with the rest of the cottage and we have plenty of storage in both areas

Just have to connect the range hood and we are all done.

Until next time,